Joe Haas Media, in association with What Productions, presents a new feature-length comedy film entitled “Oconomowoc.”  The film is the brainchild of Andy Gillies, a writer and director from Los Angeles, CA.

The film features performances by Brendan Marshall-Rashid (Chicago), Andy Gillies (Los Angeles), Cindy Pinzon (Los Angeles), Andy Rozanski (Chicago), Deborah Clifton (Milwaukee), and John Kishline (Milwaukee).  Together, JHM and associates shot the indy film in just under two weeks of 14 hour days.  Oconomowoc recently secured a distribution deal, which is pretty awesome.   Making the film was an amazing experience, and we worked with some amazing people as well.

The crew was small, consisting of about 6 people in all.  Joe Haas served as the Director of Photography, Co-producer, Editor, and Composer of the majority of the film’s music.  We will keep you updated on film news as it comes.  You can check out a trailer for the film above.  The trailer is also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/oconomowocthefilm